Friday, August 22, 2008

An New Blog... A New Day!

Well, hello everyone! Welcome to what I hope is a rich resource for you ... and some fun for me! If you've stumbled here by accident, well, welcome anyway.

To introduce myself (as I haven't done a profile yet) I'm Fr. John Riebe, an Anglican Priest and Rector of All Saints' Anglican Church in Bakersfield CA. And if you are wondering further, I'm also one of those "Anglican Hooligans" who've joined the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone!

I hope to say some more about that later for those who are interested. But from time to time I hope to add a bit of fun just to keep things as light as possible. If you're looking for news, well you should go over to my two favorite blogs (yes I read them too) BabyBlueOnline and Standfirm.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll come back again.

God Bless All!



peregrinator said...

Welcome to blogdom!

Hope all is well.


peregrinator said...

"Anglican Hooligan" is fun, but I am partial to Dan Martins+ affectionate but naughty "Coneheads".

knowfollowserve said...

Hi Fr. John! I've added you to my list of Anglican bloggers. Looking forward to stopping in and at least lurking from time to time! ;)

Jill in Cedar Hill