Friday, September 5, 2008

God loves what you love

A few weeks ago I was open and honest with my congregation. I was openly honest about a significant difference of opinion with my bishop.

Some people have criticized me that I go along with him on everything... but I don't! We have serious and significant differences of opinion, but there is real mutual respect.

My bishop likes opera! I like Led Zeppelin!

I respect that he likes opera and love him for it. When I'm in his house, I don't bewail and bemoan him to turn off his music and turn on mine. When he's at my house I respect him enough not to "crank up the jams!"

I know there are people who like both opera and classic rock. I love and respect you, too!

This morning I found myself in a strange reflection that 24 years ago, I came to what I believe is the greatest place to live on the planet. I've lived a number of places through moves in the church and in the military, so I know there are other great places to live... but... in my opinion I love THIS state!

24 Years ago I came to Mather AFB in Sacramento as a young Second Lieutenant. In 2006 I found my way back... not to Sacramento but Bakersfield. And years ago, I came in September!

God is so good! And God loves what I love... just as God loves what you love. If you love opera, God loves that you love it! And if I love Led Zeppelin, God loves that I love it! Anything that is not sin, God loves about you... and about me. Do I agree theologically with everything that Led Zeppelin sings about? Of course not! Would you agree with everything sung about in opera? I hope not, either!

But for those who perhaps only know what they "don't" like... and for those of you who share in loving what you do love... I offer you this video clip that I hope will brighten your day. It was the song, after all, 24 years ago, that brought me to the place I love... California.

And Now For Something Completely Different...

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Fr. John Riebe said...

Just a quick clarification....
I am not so theologically shallow to imply that "this is all there is to know."

I DO believe that God loves what we love. THE CHALLENGE: Do YOU love what God loves? Mercy, righteousness, compassion, love for ALL people?

God DOES in fact LOVE you in your individuality - But God also calls us to LOVE as He loves!

Blessings to all!

John Riebe