Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Advent Reflection


Troy said...


I googled you and found this :)

A wonderful video, truly. Advent is a beautiful and loving time. I have been listening to Handel's Messiah (while I grade papers) and the words from Micah and Isaiah and Luke set to music: very similar to the visual poem which is this video.

And here's a shocker for you, John: I recently entered Discernment for the Priesthood. About a month ago. Still just my priest and I talking, a long way from my Diocese knowing about me or being sure of me, or even me being sure of me, but I know it will be a time of growth and spiritual reflection.

It is of course sad for me that you have left TEC. Both you and the priest, Father Bill, that brought my wife and I into the Episcopal church when we were just looking for a pretty building to get married in. I don't even know all the issues or the history; I am sure there are things you and I would disagree on, but also many things we would agree on. But my heartfelt thanks for pastoring Steph and I, even for a short time; for allowing the two of us, cohabitating non churched people (and me divorced) to be married and brought into the Anglican community to form our family. It has made real differences, even if our little mountain parish (and all that snow) have been challenging for us city folk at times.

Anyway, best and love. Hope you are well.

Troy M. (from long ago St. Mary's days; hope you remember)

Fr. John Riebe said...

Hey Troy,
Great to hear from you and thanks for your comments.

Tell me more about what is going on with you and how far along the process you are.

Also fill me in on how you and Steph are and what you've been up to all these years.

I think I remember you but it has been a while.

email me at: frjohnplus[at]

Peace to you.


Troy said...


will be happy to catch you up, but likely after the holidays...not much time until then! We are in facebook and that would jog your memory. I'll see if I can find you in there in the meantime. But can send an email in Jan.