Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In Response to Being Deposed

Well, it finally happened...

Just before Pentecost I received a very impersonal form letter (actually it was addressed to my parish) indicating that I - along with 60 other faithful clergy - have been "deposed" from the Episcopal Church for "Abandoning the Communion." Bishop Jerry Lamb, the puppet provisional bishop set up by the Presiding Bishop was the official signatory.

Interestingly enough Lamb was the bishop who ordained me both as Deacon and then Priest in 1995. And now, 14 years later, he deposes me for standing firm on Christ and Holy Scripture and calls it "Abandonment of Communion." The irony is too thick to miss!

Yet the fact remains - and it is fact, mind you - that the rest of the bishops of the Anglican Communion including the Archbishop of Canterbury say that we are STILL priests and clergy in good standing!

So, what does this mean to me? Nothing - except that once again I feel abandoned by those who once proclaimed to be faithful followers of Jesus. It is they who have abandoned the historic faith - not us - not me. in truth it is like the CEO of IBM trying to fire the executive staff at Xerox! It doesn't work because they are not my superiors.

They have NO authority over me! They have NO authority over the real Diocese of San Joaquin and they certainly have NO authority over my parish of All Saints'.

So in response, I have a message to send to Jerry Lamb and the PB. Its a message they just don't get - but I still pray someday they will.

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