Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day Tribute: to the B-52 & the men who flew them!

Today I remember my time as a SAC B-52 Radar Navigator/Bombardier. And I also remember the men & women who helped keep us aloft! Thanks!

Here is a great video (sorry for just of bit of language in it) and to my surprise I'm actually in some of the scenes! No, you won't see me, but I was in the bomber in the first conventional bomb drop shown. You'll also see a picture of a B-52 flying right next to an Aircraft Carrier - I don't know if I was in that pariticular plane but I was on another plane that was part of that mission. And that's a story that needs telling. Perhaps I'll post that someday. I was also involved in the testing of the Harpoon Missle to take out ships (which you'll also see in the video) - that too is part of the story that needs telling!

Just one more thing to notice - for those who think the the BUFF was just an "Aluminum horizon" and "Air-SPAM" (that is, easily shot down), just watch how easy it was for the fighter pilot to "shoot" one down. (That's just an atta-boy for my good friend, fellow priest, and EW Wes Clare!)

Enjoy! And thank a Veteran!

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Kenneth said...

A classic Norm! Made me want to scramble and do the elephant walk! Amazing footage... thanks bud!